Creator of A Few Mad Fools

& The Twelve Questions.

I am an author, artist, art historian, atmosphere junkie, and hoarder of all things theatrical, moody and beautiful.  

I am also weird, inappropriate, and whimsical.



my hairless cats

vintage gayness is always in fashion

gay mermaids

and other random forms of amusing awesomeness

cats dressed inappropriately


whatever this is

I also write books...

My young adult gothic mystery, House of Ash, was published by Abrams (under my former name Hope Cook), and is forthcoming in a French edition from Bayard this October.

After hearing voices among an eerie copse of trees, seventeen-year-old Curtis must confront his worst fear: that he has inherited his father's mental illness. A desperate search for answers leads him to discover Gravenhearst, a labyrinth mansion that burned down in 1894. When he locks eyes with a steely Victorian girl in a forgotten mirror, he's sure she's one of the fire's victims. If he can unravel the mystery, he can save his sanity - and possibly the girl who haunts his dreams. 


But over a hundred years in the past, the girl in the mirror is fighting her own battles. When her mother disappears and her sinister stepfather reveals his true intentions, Mila and her sister fight to escape Gravenhearst and unravel the house's secrets--before it devours them both.

"A powerful new YA fantasy... House of Ash is a well-crafted novel firmly rooted in character and history that will ensure readers never think of a haunted house the same way again."

"House of Ash is a gorgeously written story of obsession and loss, loyalty and redemption. It has everything I love about gothic horror, and will haunt readers long after the final page is turned."

-Lisa Maxwell, NYT Bestselling author of The Last Magician

"Gothic Victorian supernatural thriller meets twenty-first century angst and realism in this stylish novel... Cook is an excellent prose stylist, always evocative and with a good ear for dialogue... Highly recommended. "

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